Hidden Hollows property owners

This website is intended for the benefit of Hidden Hollows property owners. Whether you visit your property a couple times a year, every weekend or live here full time, and whether you rough it camping or enjoy the comforts of a vacation home or log cabin, Hidden Hollows is a special place for every one of us. Please do respect one another's privacy, obey the 20 mph speed limit, and do not trespass on one another's property, unless you've been given permission by the owners. We all cherish our little piece of earth here in the Hollows.

Our Story

For over two centuries, the 800 acres of land that make up Hidden Hollows was part of a large, productive farm first owned and operated by the Herriott family and then the Doman family. Today, Hidden Hollows is a private, rural community comprised of 42 lots that range in size from 10 to 60 acres. Located approximately six miles from Romney, West Virginia, three miles west on Route 50 then three miles east on Fox Hollow Road, the entrance to Hidden Hollows is just past where the asphalt turns to gravel. Nestled between Mill Creek Mountain and High Ridge is this enchanting terrain of picturesque mountains, meadows, streams, hollows and ridges that defines Hidden Hollows (view photos). Although the lush corn fields and the herds of grazing cattle and horses are a thing of the past, the meadows at Hidden Hollows through which Fox Run flows still produce an abundance of hay, harvested by a local farmer, who fertilizes and mows the fields twice during the growing season, transforming the tall, flowing grasses into round bales that temporarily dot the groomed fields (visit Hidden Hollows photo archives).

In October 2004, having sold all but a couple of the lots, Hidden Hollows developer Melbourne Properties turned over the community to the property owners, forming the Hidden Hollows Property Owners’ Association (HHPOA). Since then, Hidden Hollows has evolved into a mixture of permanent homes, weekend cabins, recreational campsites and untouched investment properties. As of November 2009, there are ten houses, six of which are log cabins. Three property owners are now permanent residents. Whether living here full time, visiting on the weekends or during long holidays, Hidden Hollows property owners have found their little piece of paradise for recreation, as a weekend getaway and as a permanent retirement retreat. For a little history about the previous occupants of Hidden Hollows and the Fox Hollow valley,Type your paragraph here.